About SDrA

Prior to our formation, a number of doctors undertaking postgraduate training in sports medicine felt there was a need for an association representing non-sports physician doctors practicing in sports medicine. It was envisaged to form a group within Sports Medicine Australia as well as being an independant on-going professional society.

Discussions proceeded in close communication with SMA and the College of Sports Physicians, both of whom were very supportive of the proposed association.

In June 1999, at the Olympic Symposium on the Olympic Athlete, the Federal Minister for Sport, the Honourable Jackie Kelly, welcomed, via a specially produced video, the new society and formally announced its launch.

In November 1999, at the 5th IOC Congress on Sports Science and Sports Medicine, the first meeting for SDrA was held and office-bearers were elected

The Original Aims:

  • to provide a professional society in sports medicine for medical practitioners
  • to promote research in sports medicine
  • to promote postgraduate and continuing education in sports medicine for medical practitioners
  • to provide a discipline group in SMA for medical practitioners
  • to promote collaboration with sports medicine practitioners and their societies internationally
  • to promote knowledge and interest in sports medicine amongst medical students
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