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Member Education
SDrA is involved in a very exciting transition to improve services to its members. A unique alliance with the RACGP, SMA and University of Queensland has set the scene for the provision of a dynamic educational and supportive envirnoment for members... full story...

SDrA has a long and strong relationship with SMA with many benefits for both groups... full story...

SDrA forges strong links with the RACGP. This relationship has the potential for markedly improved primary care sports medicine... full story...

SDrA actively involved in an alliance with University of Queensland for the provisional educational programs for its members... full story...


Wlecome to Sports Doctors Australia

Sports Doctors Australia is an association of doctors who have an interest in and expertise in the practice of sports and exercise medicine. Members come from a wide range of areas within medicine, including GPs, Surgeons, Radiologists and many others.

Our aim is to provide an association of doctors who are interestd in the provision of high level care for all sporting people, irrespective of type of activity or level of competition. As such, we provide a high level of care for elite athletes through to the weekend warrior and also include the non-exercising person who may want to improve their exercise level or deal with an injury.

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What do we do?

SDrA is an association of likeminded doctors. As an organisation, we aim to:

  • Promote high standards of care to the public, irrespective of position, standard of sport or age
  • Promote education to our members and dotors in general
  • Promote education to the community
  • Promote research into injury prevention, assessment and management
  • Promote the use of evidence based medicine

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Some Interesting articles

The following include extracts of some interesting articles that have been published recently.

Which is the Best Alternative for Displaced Femoral Neck Fractures in the Elderly?
Intra-articular injection of hyaluronic acid is not superior to saline solution injection for ankle
arthritis: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

Lacosamide for neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia in adults
Neuromodulators for pain management in rheumatoid arthritis
Efficacy of autologous platelet-rich plasma use for orthopaedic indications: a meta-analysis
Manipulative interventions for reducing pulled elbow in young children
The Efficacy of Acromioplasty in the Arthroscopic Repair of Small- to Medium-Sized Rotator Cuff Tears Without
Acromial Spur: Prospective Comparative Study

Comparing outcomes of medial parapatellar and subvastus approaches in total knee arthroplasty: a randomized controlled trial
Effect of vitamin D supplementation on muscle strength, gait and balance in older adults: a systematic review and metaanalysis
Water for wound cleansing
Interventions for preventing weight gain after smoking cessation
Position statement by the Australian Rheumatology Association concerning Injection saftey
Concussion assessment - SCAT2 and Pocket SCAT2
Cardiovascular risk of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Comparison of Rotator Cuff Repair Techniques
Placebo versus PRP in Achilles Tendinopathy
Pain management over the internet
Patellar resurfacing Total Knee Replacement
Work related low back pain
Comparison between PRP and Steroid injection in Lateral Epicondylitis
Interventions in Childhood Obesity
Comparison of Paracetamol versus Diclofenac in Ankle Sprains
Immobilisation of the shoulder after dislocation
The use of PRP in surgical rotator cuff repair
Steroid injection for Greater Trochanteric Pain

Measures to try to reinstate the Injection Medicare Item Number

Arthritis Australia is heading acampaign to reinstate a Medicare rebate for joint injections. Patients who need these injections have been put at a significant financial disadvantage by having the item 50124 removed.

If you want to support this campaign or you want to direct patients to this campaign, please follow the following link: .

2012 Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport, Sydney. October 31-November 3

It is well worth marking the calendr for next year's conference. This is looking to an excellent conference.

Full information about this conference will be available fro the SMA website early 2012.


2011 Conference of science and medicine in sport, Fremantle. 19-22 October

The annual conference, this year held in Fremantle, was a success. The content was valuable and of a diverse nature.

The AGM of Sports Doctors was help and followed by a fine evening of eating and discussion. The Sports Doctor's new comittee was elected. The new committee...

Presidents Letter September 2011

Dr Shane Brun presents his letter summarising the activities over the last year. This report outlines the progress over the second year of his presidancy. There have been exciting developments and every member should read this letter to keep up-to-date. Please read . . . .

Port Douglas Conference and Sports Doctors AGM

All of those attending this year's Conference of Science in Sport at Port Douglas were presented with an excellent conference. There were excellent presentations and workshops that provided a diversity of information for all groups attending.

As with previous years, Sports Doctors Australia presented a number of workshops incuding workshops on evidence based assessment of shoulders and knees as well as CPR certification.

The AGM of SDrA was held at the conference. There are certainly positive prospects for the future of sports doctor's members, with progress continuing with the RACGP and prospects of closer relations with the ACSP. This next year looks to be an exciting year for our group.

Presdent's Report November 2010

Shane Brun presented the President's report at the AGM. This contains an excellent summary of the year just gone and the prospects for the next year. The report can be read in full by following this link......

Presdent's Report July 2010

Dear SDrA Members and Fellows,

The first six months of 2010 has been very exciting and challenging for Sports Doctors Australia. We have been exploring and developing new directions and consolidating and strengthening existing relations.

At the beginning of my presidency I outlined my two main priorities which I would focus on during my term. The first is to highlight and expand the SDrA reputation as a provider of high quality sports medicine education to our peers and colleagues, medical and allied health students, those undertaking post graduate training in medicine and allied health and of course to the general community. The second is to strengthen existing professional relations we have with other likeminded professional organisations as well as establish links with those we are not yet involved.

I can reassure you now that both these priorities and being implemented and are well on track. Read the full report...


What is GALS?

GALS is a rapid and reliable musculoskeletal screening system that is simple to apply and provides consistent results.

Associate Professor Shane Brun presents a paper that presents and discusses GALS, making the use of this tool a very achievable office procedure. Shane is SDrA president and Associate Professor in the Clinical Skills Unit, James Cook University. Read this informative article...



Presidents Report - 1st Quarter 2010

2010 has started off a very busy year for SDrA. Members and Fellows of SDrA will be aware of the establishing links with both the RACGP and the University of Queensland. The Special Interest Group (SIG) in Sports Medicine within the RACGP ( is well underway and led by SDrA. The establishment of a SIG within this well established College, will assist sports medicine at the primary care front, to have a stronger voice and more influence in the provision of care to this group of society as well as a more structured pathway to the practice of sports medicine in primary care.

SDrA in its capacity as the sports medicine SIG of RACGP has joined forces with the University of Queensland (UQ) Sports Medicine programs ( Courses offered are from Graduate Certificate to Masters level and are geared towards the needs of the GP with a special interest in sports medicine. The course is recognized for CPD with both RACGP and SDrA and fulfills the academic requirements for the Fellowship of SDrA. The SDrA website is in the process of being completely redeveloped and will be packed with useful information so please take the time to visit SDrA is committed to providing its members with sports medicine information and resources at the highest level, please let us know your needs. If you are a doctor in any field and at any level and not yet a member of SDrA please consider joining this dedicated group.

Presidents report 2009

It is with pleasure that I present my final report as President after 4 years of hard work with some great results and some frustrating results. I'm pleased to now hand over the reins to Shane Brune. Shane has the same enthusiasm for Sports Doctors Australia that I have and I know I leave it in very good hands to carry forward. I wish him well in ongoing developments with Sports Doctors Australia. I have tried to keep the communication going between members with regular emails so I will not repeat all the details that I have previously sent out. The major discussion point over the past few years has been developing a relationship with the College of Sport Physicians. Full report...


SDrA has been active in the provision of education at the recent Sorts Medicine Australia Conference. Once again, we have run the highly successful and respected Sports Medicine Emergency Care Course. We have also run workshops as well as organised our Keynote speaker at the conference. Full report...

Member news

SDrA is actively involved in forging relationships with Sports Medicine Ausralia (SMA) and the RACGP. This will prove to provide excellent educational and collegiate opportunities for current and future members. Read more...

We are also very pleased to provide the resources of the Fédération Internationale de Médecine du Sport (FIMS) for our members. This resource is included in the membership fee and provides valuable acces to evidence based reviews of sports medicine research. Find out more...

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